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YODEL staff just lied to me

Having worked in the Logistics business, I understand the issues. However, it appears that Yodel staff have been advised not to help/enguage with anyone who they see as a low usage sender. We went through Parcels2go and 5 calls latter (I know what questions to ask) it was clear each member of staff was lying. No one was at all intrest in searching for the lost parcel.

Even though it had no value to anyone else, so was unlikely to have been stolen. It was clearly lost, with no one prepared to search. No one ever asked me for a description of parcel of content. We were promised call backs twice (never happened). We were put through to a department that didn’t answer and doesn’t exsist according to other call handlers. Very disapointed at how transparent their lies are, and how obvious it is that they should waist over 1.5 hours our our time on the 5 calls, rather than just add our parcel to their search. As an experinced user of Logistics – this is a new low.

They can’t even lie well.

Posted by Richard Simpson
October 15, 2014