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YODEL van, reg NV15 VKS, almost run us over

Yodel driver in van NV15 VKS has just nearly run us over by mounting the pavement whilst I was out walking with my wife and baby in Middleton St. George (on Middleton lane). The driver for some reason needed to cross the road then reverse onto the pavement and continue reverse for some distance whilst we were walking. It was only because I stepped out of the way (still on the pavement) that I wasn’t run over by this idiot.

I alerted the driver as he reversed past and he made no attempt to stop despite clearly knowing at this point we were there This was very dangerous and he could have run us over had we been distracted.

There were two people in the van at the time obviously neither had the sense to say they should wait until the three people on the pavement went past (it would have taken less than 30 seconds.

Posted by Paul Hudson
December 1, 2015