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12 Reasons YODEL is absolute shite!

Web Hell. Incorrect address (not their fault – it was wrong on PayPal – their system and I missed it). But… Yodel then send it to the nearest depot, and ask you to contact them. Here’s where it goes stupid.
1. As the address was missing the Company (in a small estate with 4 businesses) they would not send it for delviery.
2. Without them trying to deliver it, their system won’t let you re-arrange it.
3. You have to go on their Tracker page to even find out that they have no inention of delivering – and it asks you to contact them – but gives you no obvious way to do so.
4. You search around, and find eventually a contact phone number.
5. Their phone is automated.
6. Their phone system charges you on top of your standard call.
7. All it does it waste your time getting the details of your parcel – and then sends you back to look at the Tracker webpage in a pointless circle!
8. So you have to use web chat. They took my updated address line.
9. Nothing happened (the tracker page is still saying they need an address update after another 2-days).
10. I went back on web chat and kicked up a stink after a day. The other end promised I’d have the goods today (4-days after I should have have got them).
11. Nothing happened. At 3:30pm I logged into web chat again. They told me that there was an Address Error, that they now would update, and that my parcel would now be delivered after the weekend next Monday!
12. Try to complain – you can’t. There does not seem to be the facility to do so on their website, and typing “Complaint” into their search box just diverts you to another pointless page of waffle.

In short – their customer service is non-existent, and they could care less if you get your goods or not. Their system is obstructive and designed to make sure you cannot easily resolve any issue if for any reason they decide that they cannot send your package out from the depot for despatch.

Frankly – its the most “F*ck You” business site I have ever experienced. I can only conclude from all this, that their service is so dreadful that to prevent being inundated with irate people without their deliveries, that (instead of improving their service) -they simply do their best to make it impossible to get hold of them and get it sorted.

Posted by Graham Walsh
March 5, 2019