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Are you accusing our driver of theft? Asks YODEL… YES

I have had problems with Yodel many times. The most recent … item not delivered, card thru the door saying my neighbour had the parcel and had signed for it, but he had not (I trust my neighbour). Yodel sent me a copy of the signature – was not my neighbour’s! Phoned Yodel back and told them this, and they said “Are you accusing our driver of forgery / theft?”.

Well, yes, I think that is what’s happening. Never did receive that parcel. Other times, parcel put into my bin – found entirely by accident, no card in the door, parcel delivered to wrong address more than once, parcel being shown as “delivered and signed for by resident” on sellers site when it had not been … I could go on!

Posted by Louise Lowe
April 12, 2019