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Argos put in a formal complaint against YODEL for me

Appalling service from Yodel. Originally ordered from Argos, and they did not disclose that they were using Yodel (because if they did I definitely would not have bothered). Ordered hair curlers that said they would be here for Wednesday last week.

The time frame which I had to wait was a joke, 7am-8pm. I took the day off work to wait as I needed them urgently. It did not come. It got deferred for friday time frame again 7am-8pm. A joke! On the tracker they said they had been and left a card which is a lie because I was in the whole day!

So I rearranged it for today. Time frame slightly better of 12pm-8pm, still an absolute joke. And iv just got the email to say they had been here again!!! What an absolute embarrassment. Argos rang to apologise and have put a formal complaint in for me. NEVER use Yodel.

Dont even bother ringing up to complain as you will be faced with automated personnel who keep you on the phone to make it more expensive.

I will be pursuing this complaint and will make sure something is done about this!

Posted by CHristine
April 24, 2019