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Bridesmaid dresses lost by YODEL

Yodel lost some dresses that we ordered from china for the bridesmaids at our wedding. These cost well in excess of £100.

My partner was told by the seller to contact Yodel. She tried the parcel checker, but that didn’t work as it said there was an issue with the package and to contact support.

She tried to contact them and was on hold for 2 hours and never actually spoke to any one only to realise the number was a premium rate number.

At this point she hung up and we never received our parcel.

The seller requested more money from us to send the package again, and when we finally contacted yodel they said the contract is with the seller so we should contact them. However they have cut contact with us. In the mean time we just received a phone bill for £133 amounting to being on hold to yodel when they never actually answered.

When complaining about this to yodel they claim this is our fault.

Posted by Barry Clarbull
April 12, 2019