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Crate of Cava from M&S thrown over fence by YODEL and broken

Last Saturday was our 10th wedding Anniversary. Dear friends of ours ordered some bottles of Cava sent via M&S by Yodel. Depot BHWD depot 74 route 25G. First thing. The parcel was thrown over our back fence and broke on the floor. So called M&S they said they would send another. Same thing thrown over the fence. So Called M&S again and they said they would send me some flowers by different courier. Guess what? The flowers which on the box said keep upright and handle with care were also lobbed over our back fence. By yes you’ve guessed it Yodel. M&S wake up. Change your courier. Yodel get the driver on route 25G to deliver footballs. Because that’s all he or she is capable of. Not happy.

Posted by Mark Bilsby
May 1, 2014
Complaints General