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Directed to YODEL’s Twitter bot after failed delivery

I was given a delivery date and made sure that there was someone in all day. I also have two dogs who tend to bark when someone knocks on the door.

No delivery, no calling card but an email and text message stating that the parcel had been left with an neighbour. Checked details and house number was not a neighbour. Went further up the street to the house number and parcel not there.

Tried online messaging Yodel and twice my chat was terminated. After a lot of searching I found a premium rate number and managed to speak to someone. Assured a call back and escalation but not happened. Taken to Twitter but this appears to be a PR exercise to tell everyone they are sorry and resolving problems quickly.

No response to the direct message I sent and looking unlikely I will receive my order.

Posted by Gordon Foley
April 12, 2019