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eBay parcel never arrived from YODEL – requested full refund

I ordered a desk from eBay to be delivered using the 48hr tracking service. It should have arrived on the 01.08.2017. According to the tracking app it left the depot on the 31.06.17 to come to the address.

Apparently I missed it on the 01.08.17 despite sitting in my flat and no calling card left. I rang to complain and they assured me it would arrive by 02.08.17. It did not. I called again and the depot advised me the driver would deliver my item after his shift as I was due to visit family on the 03.08.17. No attempt to deliver was made.

At 12:30 on the 03.08.17 the tracking app stated they had missed me again and I would have to collect the item from the depot. I purposefully waited for the item and delayed my family trip so I did not miss the delivery. I contacted yodel via yodel chat several times to ask why no delivery attempt had been made and why nobody had contacted me to let me know what the issue was.

They simply told me they could not get in touch with the driver and the depot were not replying. I then asked when would the item be available for collection as I could collect it on my way to visiting family.

He said he did not have that kind of information. So I have now messaged the ebayer to ask for a full refund and told I wont receive it until the item is delivered back to them. Not once have I received an apology for wasting 3 days sat in my flat waiting for this delivery. This can all be confirmed using the tracking number JD0002254787152913

Posted by Amy Spence
April 12, 2019