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Fed up

Two iPhones have gone missing with this delivery service. iPhone 1 was registered delivered At the beginning of February 2019. It wasn’t delivered to me!

It was classed as a missing parcel by Yodel. Virgin media, after numerous telephones to both Yodel and Vigin media, iPhone 2 was posted and should have arrived at the end of February. I received an email at 9.30pm to say it was delivered at 1.38am to a house several doors down the road.

He said he hadn’t got it. Rang Yodel who confirmed that the parcel was delivered to this house with a signature of Alan!!!!

I was taught a signature had to have a surname. Still waiting for the results of this. I have cancelled my order with Virgin Media as I don’t want a third to go missing, but this can’t be ratified until this is resolved. Still got my iPhone 5s!

Posted by Jean McDonnell
March 5, 2019