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Formal complaint submitted over YODEL’s actions

Incompetent and deceiptful. Will be making a formal complaint.

Waited in for a parcel to be delivered all day and then checked on tracking to find a note saying the parcel could not be delivered. No note and no call on the intercom (we live in a block of flats so all the driver needs to do is follow the instructions on the intercom to call me) Arranged a re-delivery with instructions to call my mobile when the driver arrived at my flat or call me on the intercom. Sat in all day the second time and then at 15:22 note on tracking to say driver could not deliver.

Called the helpline furious at two wasted days for a parcel I still don’t have. First person gave usual fluff about the driver not being able to deliver. When I queried specifics like how come the driver did not call me I was told the drivers don’t have phones. Was told the driver left a note but our postboxes are in the building so he/she would have had to call me to get inside. No card left. It seems to me the driver simply drove up to the flat, looked at the door and then left. When I escalated to a manager given even more evasive answers and when asked agin about the drivers not having phones given evasive answers again. Will be checking the CCTV to see if this driver even visited our flats. Understand there sometimes being issues but delivering parcels is YODEL’s business so why does this seem to be so difficult for them especially when I made it so easy? Also, find being evasive and or possibly dishonest when asked about specifics only exasperates my frustration. Will now be writing a formal complaint about my wasted time and effort. Found manager evasive and reluctant to give out complaints department address and took me pointing out it is a requirement for them to provide one for him to tell me it is on their website.

Lets hope I actually get this parcel which is a gift for my husband’s birthday. Will never use YODEL again.

Update: So after speaking to the manager where we (thats right, the manager had no suggestions or ideas) suggested the parcel be delivered to a click and collect near where we live the parcel was instead sent again to our address and unsurprisingly the driver decided not to call us or use our intercom to reach us so according to tracking he/she could not deliver. I cannot believe the sheer incompetence and can only conclude that this must be some sort of wind up.

Also promised by the same manager that the driver would contact me regarding the issues I have had and would give an explanation as to why they could not deliver but have received no such call. He told me he would open an ‘investigation’ but have heard nothing. Still no parcel and struggling to find some way of getting hold of the item I have paid YODEL to deliver to my flat.

Posted by chris anthony
April 12, 2019