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I chased YODEL van down the road and he drove off

Giordano Wines package (please add to your list of companies). Missed delivery yesterday, stayed in specially today.

Didn’t hear knock, but heard card come through letterbox. Chased van down road but didn’t stop. Worst is customer service follow up. No manned telephone line to discuss issue. 2 hours of obstructive web chat with operator and supervisor led to absolutely no will to resolve issue or make any helpful gesture.

Unmoving “we will try again tomorrow”, refusal to even request a morning delivery on my behalf, we can’t give you a phone number for complaints or the depot. Even downright lies – “it is impossible to contact drivers” followed by “the driver has responded to say he definitely knocked” and “they always try a neighbour” which they definitely didn’t. Any company can make a mistake, it is how they try to correct them that matters.

Yodel are just obstructive, insulting and un-apologetic. Judging by comments here, I am far from alone in my experience. I wish I had found Yodelhell earlier

Posted by Andy
April 24, 2019