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I have no doorbell which means I will always miss my parcel, according to YODEL

I’m glad to hear that i’m not the only one that thinks this company is just a fucking joke , basically, i don’t have doorbell , which hey I get it is not the normal, but it is what it is , so call this woman to ask if i could get a phone call so I know when my parces is in my door and I don’t miss it , well apparently shes not allowed to call customers , SO I’M ALWAYS GONNA MISS MY FUCKING PARCEL, but the funniest bit is that if you miss it 3 times you have to go to Gatwick, that for me means to get a train, go to gatwick, to pick up my fucking parcel ?????? how come is that normal ?????? it is honestly ridiculous.

Posted by helena
March 29, 2019