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I think YODEL has kept my parcel

11 th November came home to find a Yodel’missed you ‘ card ,tried automated telephone service and computer but driver had left a 9 digit reference number instead of 10 digits,so automated systems did not recognize it and was given no option to find any help.

Waited 2 weeks then contacted sender and was able to get a reference number from them.Got back to Yodel who promised redelivery within 48 hours,now 3 days later on a saturday afternoon they are trying to tell me to contact TNT with my adddress -TNT have nothing to do with it and besides,their offices are closed til Monday morning.

I am beginning to think that the original driver has kept our package knowing that a false reference number would keep us lost for quite a while.Will probably still be pulling my hair out next week.

Posted by JB
April 23, 2019