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I will never use anyone who uses YODEL

Message sent to Max Products Amazon. I am writing to inform you that your courier driver has been unhelpful and swore at me on the telephone when I tried to re-arrange delivery. So I have contacted Yodel directly who assured me your product would be delivered today and left with a neighbour if need be.

I was at home as where my 2 immediate neighbours yet he failed to deliver again and left a sorry I missed you card (probably because I have made a complaint about him to Yodel). In short your courier delivery service is diabolical and it’s driver is rude and offensive on top of this I have had to call yodel twice from my mobile at a cost of 45p each connection and 7p per minute there after.

I can assure you that in future I will never purchase from any company who uses Yodel as their courier and I will share my experience via the internet including on social media.

Posted by Kenneth Burgoyne
April 15, 2019