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I’d score YODEL a ZERO out of ten if I could

I’d give it 0 star if I could! Horrible company. Absolute sham. Long story short they said they tried to deliver 3 times but that was a lie. When I asked where my missed delivery card was, apparently the driver couldnt access my building.

I then informed them the letter box is outside the building so they obviously didnt come all they could do was keep quiet. Told it was back at the depot because they had tried 3 times. Confirmed this with 3 different people….including the driver, who only picked when I rang from a private number.

The driver didnt pick my calls or return my texts. Drove all the way to the depot (30mins) only to be told it had gone back out and to go home and wait for it. The company couldnt get hold of the driver. They couldnt find my parcel. Was there for over an hr.

At which point I was angry and upset. They finally found the parcel and I decided to go collect it from the drivers house (another 30mins out of my way). Lovely Emma was the one that sorted it out for me. Everyone else at the company is absolutely incompetent!!!!!

Posted by Tolu Demuren
April 26, 2019