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Naked Wines order never showed up for our birthday celebration

Ordered from Nakedwines then given a time window of 2 hours for a signed delivery. From 12.11 to 14.11 and at 13.18 I received a message from Yodel to say ‘sorry we missed you’ except that we were in and nobody had called at the door or rang my mobile to say they couldn’t find us.

Within 2 minutes of the message I was onto Yodel online help (wrong word) to say we were in and send the driver back if he can’t find us (not hard No15). Only for a reply of disinterested person say they only make one attempt a day to deliver, he won’t be back today.

For 50 minutes while I was still chatting to the online unhelp waiting for my 14.11 time slot to expire did they attempt to contact the driver to attempt to turn around to deliver our package.

Spoiled a birthday celebration due to unhelpful Yodel. Very poor service.

Posted by Simon Powell
April 12, 2019