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Never going to use another company that uses YODEL

Now at the end of my tether. I came home from work yesterday, looking forward to finding my parcel either in my safe place or my neighbour’s, as per instructions on my front door, NEXT to the doorbell.
Looked at the tracking status, to find ‘We tried to deliver your parcel but it was refused at the door. Please contact the sender with any queries.’
There was nobody in TO refuse it! My neighbour later tells me that he saw a yodel van drive straight past the door without stopping. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Last week, a driver tried to wrestle my parcel back off of me, because I’d chased him down the street to ask who’d signed for my parcel, as he’d left it outside my door without knocking (their usual habit)! I’m now going to enquire with every company before I order anything , who they hire to do their deliveries and tell them that I won’t be ordering if they use Yodel. If everyone does this, then they may all change their couriers to a PROPER company, that actually cares about their customers.

Posted by Lynda
March 5, 2019