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Package makes it from Texas to Heathrow, before being lost by YODEL

Well I have the best Yodel story yet!

Ordered $388 worth of Christmas gifts for my daughter from a retailer in the USA. The order managed to make its way from Texas to Heathrow in just over a week, tracked perfectly and arrived safe and well in customs.

Here’s were is takes a down turn, the Custom Broker contracted by DHL processed the package through customs and contacted me for payment, I paid immediately very pleased with the fast, efficient service.

THEN they handed the package to YODEL, and it vanished from site….tracking ended at customs! Yodel denied ever collecting it from the broker even in the face of evidence showing a date, time, signature, even the drivers name and registration number!

Even in the face of this Yodel deny taking my package and refuse to acknowledge the clear proof of their collection!

They took the package and it vanished 10 days ago, the worst part of it is I can’t even get through to anyone on their phone line because as soon as I provide the tracking number I get an automated message stating Yodel do not have my package yet and then I’m promptly cut off! Awful awful bad bad terrible company they completely deny having my package even when faced with proof! Now I’m missing $388 worth of Christmas gifts and left with a devastated teenager!

Worst of all they will not even investigate the matter! Avoid at all cost, they are liars and provide diabolical service! They do not feel at all accountable for your lost goods!

Thank you YODHELL! It’s too late to re-ship items from the USA and it will take another 2-4 weeks to get a refund of £126.43 from customs and $388 from the retailer!

Posted by Michelle Jones
April 12, 2019