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Parcel lost or stolen by YODEL

Parcel out for next day delivery on 16th March. Still no parcel! It’s been lost or stolen but it’s nothing to do with them according to their customer services as my contract is with who I bought the goods from (USC). Spent a fortune on their expensive phone line being told various different stories including: driver got to delivery location but couldn’t find parcel in van.

It was lost in the warehouse and then the real corker. USC never sent it to us. USC have since sent me proof that Yodel recieved the goods. All they keep doing is referring me back to USC who have been great but can’t help. Just replied to a email with a long explanation of what has gone on only to recieve another e mail saying its lost but it’s nothing to do with them and I quote “Take care and have a lovely week”…grrrrrrrrrr makes my p*ss boil!!!

I for one will never purchase anything from any retailer that uses Yodel. I advise everyone else does the same. How to companies like this survive and think that this is acceptable.

Posted by David McCormick
June 1, 2015