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Driver came today and didn’t knock or ring the bell. Just put card through the door. I’m currently working night shifts. I didn’t go to bed. I stayed in the lounge. My front door opens into my lounge.

At no point since getting home did I leave the lounge. Delivering a parcel isn’t rocket science. How can they get this so spectacularly wrong. You bring parcel, you knock loudly or ring bell, and parcel is collected. What useless idiots work for this company?

I tried repeatedly to speak with customer services. They’re automated system kept hanging up on me. I had 30 minutes of wasted live chat. Then I had 15 minutes of wasted customer support with a call centre in India. I still haven’t received my parcel which was urgent for today.

No one can contact the driver, and will not get this until next week now! Yodel are renowned for being the worst delivery company in the UK, and this just reinforces this opinion. CEO e-mail on its way. Avoid Yodel at all costs.

Posted by Garry Dring
March 5, 2019