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YODEL lied then refused to help. Never received my parcel

Oh I would love to complain under your “Late Deliveries” or “Broken Packages” definitions, but unfortunately I can’t comment as I never even GOT my package.

It was a Wednesday afternoon at about 2:15 and seeing as I work nights, I was asleep. I was woken up by a frantic knocking at my door. I didn’t get myself together in time to answer it before I clearly heard someone walking away and saying “there’s nowhere to leave it!” Naturally assuming he’d taken it with him and I’d need to re-arrange delivery, I went down to take the “we tried to deliver” card from out my letterbox. It in fact said “Front door”. I opened my door to find..nothing. I then searched all around the flats where I live, as I’d already heard stories about Yodel leaving your parcel in all kinds of weird places.

Finding nothing I called the Yodel tracking line. Their entirely automated, “keep customers at arm’s length” ‘service’ rejected the number on my delivery card as not recognised, and gave absolutely no option to get any further to speak to a human being. Perfect.

o I got in touch with them over Twitter. And this is where it got REALLY great. After I posted them a photo of the card (as I have here) they told me “the driver says he cannot remember delivering to that address”. Well that’s bloody impressive isn’t it! So then, how exactly could he have left a card when he wasn’t even here? Not to mention the fact that he didn’t even bother with the basic professionalism of putting a date or a name on the card. But to then lie about it afterwards.

Then there’s the fact that his lie was basically accepted as a ‘reason’ by Yodel themselves, and they politely informed me that they cannot help any further with this issue! So how can you mend the delivery problems when the management themselves are so CLEARLY inept?!

Posted by Stephen
April 12, 2019