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YODEL lost my item and eBay refuse to refund

I ordered an Item from Yodel on 29th of October. They delivered it to the wrong address. Every time I call Yodel they either talk & tell me a load of lies OR they hang up the phone when I ask where my goods are… As far as they are concerned they have delivered it. But I don’t have my furniture item. They will not admit they lost it. The EBay seller has closed the case in their favour. I’m not impressed with that a tall…

So. I got no where with the EBay seller. I’m getting absolutely no where with Yodel. They REFUSE TO CO-OPERATE with me….

I have gone above them to Pay Pal. They are going to step in. Failing that I’ll take it to financial ombudsmen.

My item was a piece of expensive furniture which I never received & they told me a lady named Angie signed for it. Anyway who the F@$K is Angie???.

Oh… It doesnt look like I’m going to get my item back or a refund.

So a word to every one who’s buying Christmas presents online. Please
Check & make sure the delivery firm IS NOT Yodel. OR you will never receive your goods.

Yodel are a bunch of incompetent crooks . I’m out of pocket & lady named Angie has got my furniture…

The Sheer frustration of it all…. Don’t use Yodel. Be Warned..

Posted by Maria Hynes
February 6, 2019