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YODEL lost my Naked Wines order

When I ordered a case of wine from Naked Wines, they had left the case on my front door-step for everyone to see without bothering to ring the bell, I insisted that any future deliveries had to be signed for.

What I didn’t realise was that Yodel are so stupid that they actually delivered to someone else in my street and got her to sign for it – as happened last week.

As the driver thought it was the right house, there wasn’t a card informing me where the wine was. As Naked Wines had no idea where the wine was, they sent me out another case. In the meantime, the person who had received my wine realised it wasn’t hers (took her five hours though!). So now I had waited in one full day, had the original case back and the replacement case on its way.

Had to wait in for the second day for the replacement case, which arrived late afternoon.

Then I had to wait in for the third day running in order for them to collect the original case – but they never came. I’ve now left it up to Naked Wines to resolve and have refused to wait in any more – so when they come to collect it I may or may not be in.

Posted by L Adams
May 1, 2019