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YODEL Whistle blower reported of Christmas failures

Thousands of Christmas presents may not be delivered by Yodel’s flagship Waltham Cross site.

Yodel Waltham Cross currently has a back log of 9,000 parcels. this is growing rapidly by the day.

the depot covers deliveries to most of north & east London in addition to huge swathes of Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire. the warehouse is one of Yodels biggest at 100,000 sq ft.

Local management have confirmed that they do not expect to clear the back log in time for the 24th of December possibly leaving tens of thousands of customers without their Christmas presents this year.

The Service Centre is becoming difficult to move in as the parcels are stacked up in hundreds of cages after Yodel is unable to recruit more drivers, despite desperate last minute efforts.

the board is distraught at the fact that it is now becoming apparent there was no peak plan at a site or regional level.

Drivers are being asked to work 7 days a week in a vain attempt to clear the backlog despite protests that they are exhausted and desperately need a break. thereby putting themselves & the public at risk and breaking domestic drivers hours legislation.

A manager was recently found behind a pile of parcels in tears this week unable to cope with the pressure.

I do not have any photographs that I wish to share for fear of being found out however I’m sure that one of the drivers would take some for a small price which would corroborate my report.


Waltham Cross

6 Mollison Ave


Regional Manager

Posted by Yodel Worker
February 25, 2019